We all have a passion that excites us beyond anything else. Painting? Woodwork? Trainspotting? In many cases, our favourite hobbies can be even further improved with a companion at our side to share our enthusiasm and help us out when we get discouraged. However, it can be difficult to find a human willing to watch you make yet another birdhouse, so sometimes it is best to invite your four-legged bestie along!

A kayak for dogs

David Bahnson was used to taking his dogs everywhere with him, and became frustrated with the fact that he couldn't take his dogs with him when he went on kayaking trips. That was how he had the idea to adapt his kayak to suit his dogs.

David, a now retired orthopedic surgeon, thought long and hard about how to combine his two passions: kayaking and his dogs.

He therefore created a kayak that fit his dogs size perfectly. Now, he can share his favourite hobby with his favourite buddies!

Source : auntyacid.com

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