We love stories about underdogs who rise up and prove everyone wrong! This is just what little Stuart did, fighting his anxiety every day!

The Ad 

An ad was placed on Facebook offering a puppy called Lucy to anyone who could give her a loving home and many responded to this post. Unfortunately there was no interest in little Stuart, who was mentioned in the same post.

Stuarts’ Disabilities

Stuart, the adorable puppy, has a few disabilities; he is blind, has no tail and has a possible spine defect. His owner nearly drowned him because he knew something wasn’t right with the dog. Luckily, the man’s children stopped him and Denise Mueller came to the rescue!

“I asked her what would happen to him if no one took him in. She replied that she would be taking him to the pound. I wanted to help him so badly,” said Denise, after responding to the Facebook post’s author.

In A Bad State

Denise felt a connection with Stuart and agreed to foster the puppy until K-9 Rescue found him a permanent home. The poor puppy was very anxious, not really trusting anything around him.

“Stuart was very frightened when I picked him up. The man in the home explained to me that all Stuart does is run in circles and bite,” said Denise.

Overcoming His Fears 

Little Stuart is doing a lot better now in a loving home. Although he gets a bit anxious when he is in a new environment, which is understandable, Denise says Stuart is very brave, happy, playful and loves kisses! He adores playing and cuddling with his big stuffed dog and even sharing the water bowl with another very large dog!

We hope this very unique little dog finds his permanent home soon!

Source: The Dodo

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