We love our best friends, and they they definitely brighten our day! Have you ever looked down at your dog to see him or her cocking their head to one side, and wondered just what they’re thinking?

Here are 5 weird things your dog does and why.

#1 The head tilt


This one is a bit of mystery, but there are many theories about why dogs tilt their heads.

  • To hear better - dogs with certain types of ears may tilt their head to move their ear away from them slightly to allow sound to enter.
  • To see you better - big muzzles can obscure a dog’s view.
  • Because you like it - it can be adorable, and if it gets our attention they’re more likely to repeat the behaviour.

#2 The circle


Before lying down, many of our canine friends prefer to turn on the spot. The reason, it would seem, stems back to when they would sleep in the wild. What better way to make the ground more comfortable than to flatten it first, or even dig a little hole?

You may have splashed out on a lovely dog bed, but the primitive part of their brain won’t realise!

#3 The tail chase


A dog’s tail has many uses for them. These include: helping with balance, displaying emotion, and spreading scent.

According to the Canine Journal, dogs chase their tails for a number of reasons. They may have an itchy tail, Canine Compulsive Disorder (characterised as an inability to concentrate), high cholesterol, or be bored. It could also be due to a predatory instinct that means many dogs try to chase anything that moves quickly.

#4 The bum shuffle


If your dog is shuffling if’s bum across the carpet, you should take them to the vet. It could be an issue such as an allergy or gland problem that is causing itching, irritation or pain.

#5 The long stare


“Why aren’t they blinking?”, you may wonder as your dog stare sstraight into your eyes.

Maybe they just want to show you their love, or maybe they’re trying to see if your facial signals match your emotional behaviour. Either way, it can be very cute...or slightly disconcerting!

Source: iheartdogs

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