Last Thursday, three teenagers appeared in court after having been accused of mutilating a cat with acid in the region of Tarn-et-Garonne...

A two year old case

It was the Children's court of Montauban that judged the case of animal abuse that took place nearly two years ago.

The teenagers, aged from 15 to 17, had found a cat near to the train station and put it through real suffering.

The poor cat had been hit, kicked and strangled, the court heard. The three teenagers had doused the cat with acid and even put joints in the cat's orifices.

The judgement

The teenagers then abandoned the cat, which was then rescued by the local vet. The vet examined the cat, confirming the acts of cruelty inflicted on it, which proved to be fatal.

Seven animal aid associations were present. The court case was opened by the police who rapidly found the instigators of the crime. They were interrogated and confessed to their crimes.

One lawyer of the defense described the crime as being 'of exceptional cruelty'. The 3 teenagers are facing a year in prison with €5000 fines.

Source : Le Figaro

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