Pedro the cat is so good at hiding that no one can find him in a photo his owner has posted online! What you see in the photo is just a normal kitchen, but Pedro is somewhere in there hiding from the world. Can you find Pedro ?

Famous Pedro

With over 2, 700 shares on Facebook in a very short period of time, people are struggling to find the cat in the photo and it’s driving everyone crazy!

The New Where’s Wally Game

Cat owners know this game very well as cats have the ability to simply disappear and resurface when it suits them. They seem to be able to get themselves into the tiniest of spaces, where you would never think to find them.

Can you find Pedro in the photo? If not, this second photo is a very good hint!


Source: The Mirror


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    YummyOrNot Y Is he in the blender??

    Chewy Y Is he behind the picture of a cat??