Currently, millions of animals are trapped in laboratories, where they are experimented on and live in constant pain.

In addition to being cruel, these experiences are not necessarily useful to humans. Estimates of scientists, government officials and doctors tell us exactly why :

# 1:

Tests on animals are extremely expensive, consume a lot of time and energy, and use many animals: from  a scientific point of view, the results are not necessarily transferable to humans.

# 2:

In the history of cancer, many tests have managed to cure cancer in mice... but it still doesn't work on humans.

# 3:

The prevention of polio was long delayed due to a misconception of the nature of the human disease based on misleading on experimental monkeys.

# 4:

Mice are mice. Human beings are humans. If we look at every aspect of the disease in a mouse in the same way as a human being then this is a waste of time.

# 5:

Currently, 9 of the 10 clinical tests fail because we can not predict how these tests will impact human behaviour.

# 6:

Some researchers are so focused on curing mice they forget their number 1 goal: healing humans.

# 7:

Researchers are too far from the priority. We must refocus and adopt new methodologies for understanding diseases in humans.

Source and photo credits : PETA


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