Josh Marino suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and a brain injury as a result of his time serving in the Iraq war. But, just when he couldn’t take any more, a little cat came to the rescue.

Saved from suicide

Marino had been suffering the effects of his PTSD for a while, and could see no way out. “I was experiencing extreme anxiety.” He told Mutual Rescue. “I couldn’t focus, couldn’t remember how to do certain things.”

He wrote a suicide not on his computer, and went outside for a cigarette in the rain. He planned for it to be his last.

Suddenly, he heard a noise in the bushes and a little kitten appeared at his side. He began to rub himself on Marino’s leg and was happy to be petted, despite the weather conditions. This is when everything changed for Marino.


A gleam of hope

According to Marino, the little kitten saved him. “I stopped thinking about all of my problems, and I started thinking about all of his problems. And what I could do to help him”.

He visited the little kitten everyday, bringing him food, until one day he disappeared. Although Marino was heart broken, their paths crossed again at a kitten adoption fair and marino was able to welcome the saviour back into his life for good. 

You can watch the full video from Mutual Rescue below:

Source : Bored Panda

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