Great news! Every single one of the organizations that participated in the Voice program last month succeeded in reaching their click goal! In this article, we will introduce the four animal non-profits that are participating this month and share a few photos from previous successful Voice campaigns!

Your clicks are helping feed animals all over the United States!

Can you believe that it's been more than a year since non-profit pet organizations in the United States started to participate in the Voice program? Through the Voice program, over 75 pet organizations in the United States have received pet food for the pets in their care! Last month, you helped feed animals in Connecticut, Iowa, Arizona, and Rhode Island. This month, we are raising clicks to help non-profit pet organizations in Wisconsin, Texas, California, and Louisiana.

Providence Animal Rescue League, We Care for Animals, It Takes A Village Animal Rescue & Resources, and We Adopt Greyhounds, Inc raised enough clicks to receive 110 pounds of kibble! Thank you for your support! Every click makes a difference! 

All of the campaigns for the month of April are completed

How does this click-to-donate program work?

  1. Every month, four pet organizations in the United States participate in the Voice program.
  2. Up to once per day per organization, you can click on the "Click to give" button to help them reach their click goal. You do not need a Yummypets account to help out. However, if you have a Yummypets account, your clicks are counted double! Isn't that wonderful? In addition, the Voice program is completely free. It doesn't cost a thing to show your support!
  3. If the associations reach 100% of the clicks that they need by the end of the month, they receive 110 pounds of pet food.

The 4 non-profit organizations participating in May 2023

Shelter From The Storm

Shelter From The Storm is a Madison, WI based non-profit, all breed dog & cat rescue whose mission is to reduce the euthanasia rate of healthy & adoptable animals & improve the lives of companion animals. They also operate Spay Me; a high quality, affordable care vet clinic.

Shelter From The Storm May campaign

Rescued Pets Movement

The mission of Rescued Pets Movement is to provide a second chance for thousands of homeless dogs and cats through rescue, rehabilitation, and transport to forever homes in communities throughout the United States that have a demand for adoptable pets.

Rescued Pets Movement May campaign

Furry Felines Rescue and Adoption Team

Furry Felines Rescue and Adoption Team is an all volunteer 501c3 group that rescues neonates up to adult cats. They do cat adoptions, provide help/resources for at risk families, TNR and feline advocacy.

Furry Felines Rescue and Adoption team May campaign

Animal Aid for Vermilion Area

Animal Aid for Vermilion Area, a non profit 501(c)3 animal rescue organization established in 1995, located in South Louisiana, has helped rescue thousands of animals. One of their goals is to rescue and rehome as many animals as they can from the local Animal Control facility, located in Kaplan, LA.

Animal Aid for Vermilion Area May campaign

Check out these photos from previous campaigns!

The Little Red Dog

The Little Red Dog participated in the Voice program in March. Look at all that food! The dogs at The Little Red Dog are so thankful! 

The Little Red Dog kibble donation

Pawsitive Teams

Pawsitive Teams participated in the Voice program in March. So much food for the dogs at Pawsitive Teams! 


PALnv participated in the Voice program in March. Thanks to your clicks, this non-profit received 110 pounds of cat food!

Are you a pet association?

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