Two dogs are definitely better than one! This story could have had a sad ending but luckily everything turned out well.


Graham Waspe is a blind man who owns a guide dog named, Edward. The poor dog was in a lot of pain and had to undergo surgery on his eyes; Graham had no choice but to allow the operation which would make Edward blind.


Graham had to get a new guide dog to help him, provided he did not get rid of Edward. He would of course never be able to do that and he adopted Opal. They 2- year old Labrador has now taken over the role of caring for his owner and his companion!

Despite his disability, Edward is still a very happy dog. He continues to spend time with children and loves a belly rub! He even joins in during the walks having full trust in Opal. Opal has allowed Edward to retire without having to leave his home.

What a happy ending for this trio, may Edward enjoy his retirement!





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    YummyOrNot Y Awww so sweet ❤️🐶

    Ella W Sad/happy idk witch one