Good news! All of the pet associations that participated in February succeeded in reaching their click goal before the end of the month! In this article, we will introduce the four associations participating in March and share a few photos of pet food donations for previous campaigns!

So many pets are receiving kibble thanks to you! We could never thank you enough for your support!

Every single one of the February campaigns were completed successfully!

Your clicks help feed animals! Since the Voice program starting supporting pet associations in the United States in November 2021, you have been able to help change the lives of pets in 60 pet rescues and organizations. That's right, it's thanks to your clicks!

Every single pet association reached their click goal last month! Friends of Jackson County Animal Shelter Pets reached 100% a day early and the other three pet associations achieved 100% on the very last day of the month! Can you believe that every single one of the pet associations reached over 5,200 clicks! That's an average of around 185 clicks per day! Thank you so much for continuing to support pet associations so that they can receive kibble!

The pet associations that participated during the month of February will soon receive 110 pounds of pet food! Humane Society of South Mississippi, Friends of Jackson County Animal Shelter Pets, Saving Shasta Cats, and Dee Dee’s Feline Angels & Friends really appreciate your support!

Do you know how the Voice program works?

  1. Every month, four pet rescues and associations in the United States are chosen to participate in the Voice program.
  2. Every day of the month, you can click on the "Click to give" button to help the pet associations reach their click goal. While you do not need a Yummypets account to participate, if you do have a Yummypets account, your clicks are counted double! Isn't that great? On top of that, it is completely free to help these associations!
  3. If the associations reach 100% of the clicks that they need by the end of the month, they receive 110 pounds of pet food for the pets in their care!

Which pet associations are participating in March 2023?

The Little Red Dog

The Little Red Dog is a 501 c3 non-profit dedicated to saving animal lives, education and animal welfare. They rely on donations to feed and care for the animals they save.

The Little Red Dog

Pawsitive Teams

Pawsitive Teams is a San Diego, CA nonprofit that provides highly trained service dogs for persons with disabilities; therapy dogs for goal-oriented academic and professional programs; and facility dogs for the workplace.

Pawsitive Teams


PALNV is a 501c3 animal welfare organization that rescues cats and kittens from the streets of the Las Vegas Valley. Their mission is to save their community cats. They have been in business for 28 years, first in California and now in Las Vegas. They operate Rescued Treasures Cat Café, the only one in Nevada.

PALnv pet association

Saving Grace Pet Food Bank Inc.

Saving Grace Pet Food Bank Inc. provides food for pets in times of hardship so their owners are able to keep the promise that they made to love and care for them forever.

Saving Grace Pet Food Bank Inc.

Check out some of the photos that the pet associations have shared with us!

Community Cat Advocates

Community Cat Advocates participated in the Voice program in January 2023. Thanks to your clicks, this non-profit organization was able to receive 110 pounds of cat food for the cats in their care!

Wet Nose Rescue

Wet Nose Rescue participated in the Voice program in October 2022. Thanks to your support and daily clicks, they received 110 pounds of dog food!

Are you a pet association?

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