There is a new scandal at the Jyllands Park Zoo in Videbaek, Denmark concerning giraffes. Last Sunday, a baby giraffe was euthanized and now a seven year old male is in danger as well.

Marius, who is found to be a healthy giraffe, supposedly has a bad genetic heritage and staff are considering euthanizing him. One of the zoo keepers had the following to say:

“We will not be able to keep it if we get a female, because we have two males that will fight. We received a male giraffe that is superior from a genetic point of view. It depends on the coordinator of reproduction.”  

It turns out that this zoo has been a part of a programme, the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA), for little over a year. This association aims to protect animals and this is why the zoo received the ‘thoroughbred” male giraffe last April.

In order to escape the euthanasia, Marius needs to find another zoo to call home. No deadline has yet been set for the euthanasia, let’s hope they don’t go through with this!

Source: Sudouest

Photo Credit: Michael Soule- Limendoux

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