Baz, the adorable black and white cat, has a little black moustache and his owner Kristy Sparrow says he resembles Hitler. Could this be the cause of the attack on him? This sad story took place in Tredworth, England.


Even though the cat resembles Hitler, he is completely different personality-wise. His owner says that Baz is the sweetest cat there is and that he is also a little shy. Kristy loves the way he looks and repeats that it only adds to his cuteness.

She cannot understand why someone would attack an innocent animal!  Her family and friends are confused and horrified at the attack as they all adore him.

Baz is found

When Kristy found that Baz was missing, as he had not returned after a whole weekend, she launched a campaign to find him on social media. Her cat was later found half dead in a dumpster and was immediately rushed to an emergency vet.

The vet concluded that he had not been hit by a car, but had been attacked and tortured by people. Unfortunately his left eye had to be surgically removed. Luckily Baz will be able to make a full recovery, with a lot of love from Kristy!

Source: The Point  & The Daily Mail

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