Dixie is such a beautiful kitty!  She is as adorable as her brother Pixie! Discover her funny adventures :)

When, where, how did you meet your pet?

I met Dixie at my friends place for the first time when she was too young, she was dainty and was only one month old at that time and she was along with her mum Zaaine and dad Maxie and four siblings.

Where does her name come from? 

Well Dixie is a nickname for the Southern United States, actually Dixie has a brother named Pixie so I wanted to give them such names so that both could easily understand.

Tell us about a typical day with her?

I still remember a day from monsoon, Dixie had never seen rain before this as she was quite young, when she observed rain drops falling down she became frustrated, she began to ran about. She was in a bad mood and was badly stressed. That day was pretty memorable day of her life.

What’s her silliest trait?

Once Dixie found a rat and she went totally nuts, she wanted to eat that dirty rat, suddenly I saw her playing with rat, I ran and took Dixie up, the rat vanished at once. When Dixie found the rat nowhere she started purring and meowing.

What’s your best memory together ?

The day I met Dixie for the first time was the most memorable time we both had and then when I took her home, my home was a new place for her and now she's living with me it's like she's a part of my family.

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