The idea of creating a place for cats to call their own came to the owners of Petbo, a new company from Sweden, when they adopted two stray kittens. They did not like the boring idea of the usual scratch pole and other toys for cats. They also thought cupboards, bags and the dryer were not the best places for their cats to take naps and play in.

A New Invention

Therefore, they decided to create something better. After some thorough testing they came up with the perfect place for a cat to nap, hide, play in and have some alone time. These playhouses for cats come with a scratch-pad inside and the whole thing is made from 100% eco- friendly material. Not only does this fulfil your cat’s biological need for alone time, but it is good for the environment too!


Design and Look

The playhouse is designed to fit into any home; it is shaped like a milk carton and does indeed look very trendy with its cool patterns. There are currently only two different designs, but be sure to see more in the future! You can fold the playhouse up as well; so if you end up moving it is easy to take with you.

As well as working on different patterns, Petbo are working on different ideas for other animals! We cannot wait to see what they come up with for dogs!


Source: Bored Panda

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