When firefighters responded to a fire in Detroit, they found a man and his Pit Bull when they arrived at the scene. Sadly the man succumbed to his injuries, but the pup survived.

A narrow escape

Terrified and suffering from burns and smoke inhalation, firefighters saved this pittie from a terrible fate. She was handed over to Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, and she was given the name Halle -  short for a fireman’s tool called a Halligan.

Halle is recovering at Groesbeck Animal Hospital, and the staff are spoiling her with cuddles and the TLC she needs. Thanks to generous donations, she also got x-rays to check her lungs for damage.


Recovering and looking for a home

They have reached out to the victim's family to hear if anyone is able to take care of Halle, and if not she will be placed for adoption into a permanent home.

pit bull dog save fire

If you want to help Detroit Pit Crew rescue more dogs like Halle, visit their website!

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