Dolphins are intelligent creatures who suffer incredibly when they are held captive. For this reason, Geo AR Games has teamed up with Edge Innovations to create animatronic dolphins.

While swimming with dolphins and watching dolphins do tricks may sound interesting and entertaining, these captive dolphins are confined and unable to swim as they would in the wild. They are forced to put on daily shows and perform for our entertainment.

Thanks to these hyperrealistic robotic dolphins, people will be able to play with and observe how the species would act. The dolphins would be controlled with remotes and cost about $26 million dollars each. This is more than four times the price of a real dolphin, but seeing as they are robots and would last longer than a real dolphin, it's worth the price.

These dolphins are already being used by aquariums in China. We can only hope that one day these animatronic dolphins will be used worldwide.

What do you think of these animatronic dolphins?

Photo used for illustration purposes only

Source: PETA Australia, Insider

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    Nico C That's a good initiative! Congrats for your work!