Today, Yummypets would like to introduce you to Jacky, an incredibly adorable Yummypets member. In this interview, Jacky shares how he was adopted and fun facts about his daily life.

Jacky and his charismatic and hilarious sister, Woofy, share a Yummypets profile together! You can find their Yummypets profile here. Together, they have already posted 24 photos and have gathered over 500 yummies! Every single photo and video that they post puts a smile on our face! They are also incredibly popular on other social networks! You should definitely check them out!

When, where, and how did you meet Jacky?

I saw a friend reshare an Instagram story about a dog found without a collar not far from where I live on 2nd August last year. I reached out to the person who shared the story. It was evening and still, no one took him. Jacky was still on the road. 

He was smiling in the pictures, his white fur is mostly covered with dirt. Not sure how long he was on the street. People around the area said never saw him before. So, I was thinking, let me foster him. He is a medium dog, so I thought it would be easier for me to find an adopter for him. But turns out not that simple and fast, he is a nervous dog. 

After being neutered, I took him to an adoption drive. He was snapping at 3 people there. And also have separation anxiety, I can't leave him at all in the first 3 weeks. Lucky me I am staying at home all the time. 

Instagram stories about Jacky being abandoned

I found him an adopter on 25th August, after posting about him on every adoption place and app. I shared all the full details about him. A nice woman reached out to me. She is willing to adopt Jacky despite all the problems he has. Sadly, in the new home, Jacky refused everything. He was barking and doesn't want to eat, drink, play, even potty. Roughly 7 hours Jacky was staying in his new home until my partner and I decided to bring Jacky back. When he arrived after talking a bit with the adopter, he straight away drank and potty.

From there, we decided to adopt him. We didn't want him to end up moving from house to house to find a new place and other reason.

When we dropped Jacky at the adopter's car, Woofy, my dog was there. She was a bit upset and confused. Woofy was staring at the door waiting for Jacky. I was sad seeing Woofy like that. I thought she was happy to be the only dog here. Found out, she is happy with Jacky around. 

When they reunite again, they played straight away on the sofa.

How did you choose his name?

Do you know the prison dog of Pirates of the Caribbean? Jacky reminds us of that dog! Does anyone want to send me a huge key like in the movie?

A close-up of Jacky

Whatʼs your best memory with Jacky so far?

Jacky is not comfortable being hugged. I tried and he was growling. So, I just leave it and give him space. One day he came to me and jump up on my lap and lick my nose and he let me hug him . Now, every morning he will jump up to the bed to wake us up and let us hug him. He realizes now not all human is doing something bad to him.

Tell us about a typical day with Jacky!

Sleep eat play. That's his day every day.

What is Jacky's personality like? 

Jacky and Woofy is the same. They are alert dogs. At the moment, I am not letting anyone come to pet him yet because he still needs lots of training. He doesn't like it when someone or dogs approaches him too fast. After taking time to get to know Jacky, you can see he is the family dog. He is like a baby, in how he acts daily.  

And so active, he will run around in the apartment playing with his toys. And asking you to play together with him. So needy.

Jacky and Woofy taking a photo together

Do Jacky and Woofy like to hang out and play together?

Jacky and Woofy are a team now. During the first few weeks, there were still arguments between these two. Now, I can leave Jacky and Woofy alone to go out. They are just happy to play with each other and wait for their human to come back home.

Any other social media handles?

You can also find Woofy and Jacky on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter with the username @woofyjacky!  

Image credit: Woofy Jacky

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