After winning a contest, Rebecca Smith, a cook from west London, had the opportunity to take her 12 year old Dachshund, Winnie, to Seoul, South Korea to be cloned.

Cloned Puppy

Scientists have thus cloned the first dog from Britain in the Sooam Biotech laboratories in Seoul. The cloned Dachshund puppy was born on 10 March and cost around $60, 000! The puppy weighed only 1lb which is 454g!

The company has cloned about 500 dogs in the country and is looking to expand their business worldwide. Therefore the contest was good exposure for them.


A documentary will be made about Rebecca’s experience and will be broadcasted in England. A team will film Sooam Biotech in their search for the perfect dog cloning.

Despite some progress in the cloning process, animal welfare groups are still concerned that the risks are too high and cloning is very unpredictable. It is also a very expensive process that not many people will be able to afford.

Peta suggests that people should look at adopting the many homeless dogs there are instead of cloning. They mention that it is impossible to create the exact same dog or cat with the same personality.

Do you remember Dolly, the sheep, the first mammal that was cloned in 1996?

Source : Huffington Post

Photo credit : Mirror

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