If you haven't already seen him, this is your chance to be introduced. Meet Thor, the bengal cat with the amazing fur.

Resembling a miniature leopard, Thor has managed to inspire happiness far and wide with his big green eyes and his magnificent fur. However, he is, like his name, a demanding cat, and his pet parent Rani Cucicov, said this of his pet:

"He's so demanding, sometimes I feel like I'm his servant! As soon as he opens his mouth, I'm at his mercy, but he repays us in love and cuddles! He often miaows at us and wants us to reply. If not he just continues to miaow. Also, once a day (often before going to bed), he climbs the wall - I don't know why. It's like a child that doesn't want to go to sleep. After a couple of minutes he calms down. He's a bit special sometimes but that's why we love him."

See for yourself how stunning Thor is:

And if you want to see more photos, come say hi to Thor on his Yummypets page!

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    Léo G Thor joined us on Yummypets! Please go check his profile if you want ☺ yummypets.com/pets/312480

    Valérie B Magniiifique !!