Paul is a cute little Beagle who comes from Columbia! His loves his toy rabbit and to chase his tail! You can check out Paul's Yummypets profile here.


Tell us how about the first time you met your pet?

I met Paul when he was 2 months, my brother brought him to home, and it was a surprise. It was a Saturday, I wasn’t at home, but when I arrive I heard a sound, so I looking for it,
I opened the door and I found Paul, he was exploring his new home, he was so small and cute, he ran to me so it was the first time I had him in my arms, I was so happy and thankful with my brother.

Is he adopted?

Paul was purchased from a hatchery outside the city.

Where does his name come from?

My brother is a big fan of the Beatles, so he is named in honor of the great musician Paul McCartney. 

Do you have other pets?

No, Paul is my first pet

 What’s a typical day with him?

Paul wakes up very early at the morning, the first thing he does is to wake me up to do some exercise, he likes to run so he's a very good personal trainer and we exercise for about 2 hours.

Then when we arrive home he takes a short rest and has his breakfast. He is a very calm dog, so he likes to run across the house, look through the window, take a nap under the sun and play in my bed, this kind of things. Sometimes he takes a sock to play, he likes it when we run after him to catch him, but when he gets bored he just leaves the sock on the floor  and he goes to do something else.

He eats about 6 pm, then at 7pm I take him to the park to play with his friends, he plays for about an hour with a lot of dogs, then we go home, watch some television and go to sleep about 9pm.

What’s his favorite toy?

He likes to play with a soccer mini ball, bottles and grandmother socks.

What about his preferred food?

Well, he eats practically everything, he loves dogs treats, gummys for dogs with meat flavour, he also loves papaya I give to him once a month.

Practically he likes everything he find in the floor.


What’s your fave pet product?

I don´t have a favourite pet product yet.

Any tips for the YummyPals?

My advice for all de YummyPals is enjoy, love and deal tenderly your pets without forget that they are animals and no humans.

So we don´t need to full them of excess such as clothes, shoes, jewellery, etc.

They will be happy running, jumping, and swimming, in other words living wild and comfortably, take advantage of all the time you spend with them, unfortunately they don't last as long as we would like, so a life full of love is important.

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