To help reduce the number of abandoned animals, Seoul City has made several plans to protect pets. Instead of forgetting about their missing pets, people are forced to do something about it.

Abandoned Animals

Every year, 11,000 animals are abandoned and lost and only half eventually make their way home. The rest are found on the streets and usually euthanized in order to reduce the numbers of stray animals on the streets.

To try to fight this, the city wants to implement adoption campaigns to raise awareness and to reduce the number of abandonments. A law will be implemented to legally oblige the owner of a pet to report the animal missing.

Therefore an effort can be made to find the animal and to keep them off the streets. They will not then be mistaken as strays and picked up.

Source: Yonhap

Photo: Thinkstock

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    YummyOrNot Y Im glad they are trying to do something about it! The amount of strays in my village is so sad and we are trying to get somebody to take them and home them