After hearing about a cat bar in Paris and a tea saloon with rabbits in Japan, it is no surprise that the first cat café has been opened in San Francisco!

The cat café was opened by three friends who wanted a place where they could relax after working in a stressful environment the whole day. Thus, Kit Tea Café was created! With its very clever name this is a must see. According to the website, the café is set to open this spring.

The objective is to provide a home for homeless cats. Customers will be able to share in the fun and therapy that the cats provide. This ‘therapy’ goes both ways as the cats will get some attention too. This can be done while they are enjoying a coffee or exotic blends and green teas from around the world.

There won’t be more than ten cats in the café at the same time, as in accordance with the Association of Veterinarians. The other cats will be taken to local shelters and hopefully adopted!






Photo Credit: Yelp

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