Kendall Jones Facebook page provokes a wave of indignation. The 19-year-old american teenager hunts wild animals in Africa, and posts photos of the corpses.

Animal and wild life lovers are up in arms over this american teenager who posts pictures of herself smiling next to the corpses of magnificent animals that she has just killed. She calls them her hunting trophies. Lions, zebras, leopards, rhinos, hippopotamuses, elephants... wild animals all threatened with extinction because of heartless hunters and poachers like her.

Kendall rhymes with scandal

A petition has been launched to have Kendall Jones' Facebook page removed, because it encourages cruelty towards animals. Within less than a week, the petition gathered 40 000 signatures.

Kendall Jones is about to have her own reality show on TV about her hunting activity in Africa's savannah. Master ironist, she declared she will divert money into wild life preservation association.

A shame! Please sign the petition

Kendall Jones devant le cadavre d'un lion

Photo credit : Kendall Jones Facebook page 

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