Obviously, everyone has their opinion on the matter according to their preferences! But what do scientists believe?

According to the report of  Oxford University searchers, Susanne Shultz and Robin Dunbar, the answer is... The dog!

Indeed, for them, the intelligence of the animal is linked to the development of social activity that governs its kind. Clearly, the more an animal lives in society, the more intelligent it is because brain activity is more solicited. The most intelligent mammals are thus in order: monkeys, horses, dolphins, camels and dogs, because they all have a social life accomplished.


With its solitary nature, the cat hasn't developed the same abilities. It hasn't changed its way of life for thousands of years and has never changed its social interaction whatsoever with conspecifics or other species such as humans.

Another argument advanced in this theory: the brain size. In fact, the dog's brain is bigger than the cat. However, this argument is not accepted by Julie count, cat specialist, because for her, the brain size is secondary. According to her, what matters is how the animal uses it... She takes the example of the man who has a brain smaller than an elephant but nevertheless has a higher degree of sociability!


Sandrine Otsmane, canine behaviorist, also measures the results of this report. She argues that scientists have studied cats much less than dogs. She also considers that some cats forged strong relationships with their owners and that we do not yet understand enough about the potential interactions of our little cat!

You'll understand that we can not really compare the intelligence of our animals. However, it is difficult to believe that this will change the love we have for our little companions! Regardless of their IQ level, the happiness they bring is not quantifiable!

What do you think?

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