This touching story began when a couple found a 3-week-old wounded fox cub, alone in the middle of the road. Unfortunately his mother had been killed by a car.


They felt too bad to leave the little cub alone, so they took him home with them. It was such a surprise to them to see their collie dog, Ziya, and the little fox take to each other!


Foster Mother

Ever since the fox cub arrived, he and Ziya became inseparable! The couple says that they spend all their time together including playing, sleeping and eating. The baby fox is also friends with the couple’s Bengal cat called Leopold.

The family called the fox Dinozzo, who now sometimes behaves like a cat. He comes and goes as he wishes through the cat flap in the door!


Dinozzo’s Choice

The couple leave the garden gates open so Dinozzo can leave whenever he wants. His adopted family wants him to have a freedom over his movements!

See the adorable pictures of Dinozzo and Ziya together!



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    Moira M Such a lovely sight to see hope they have fun forever together.