Do you ever find your dog just hanging around the house like a cat, surprising you in places or positions more commonly associated with cats? Discover 10 adorable dogs with identity crises!

#1 Trying to keep my balance is harder than I thought...

#2 Yeah, what?!

arbre à chats chien

#3 Think I'm regretting this decision...

chien chattière

#4 Arh-wooooooeeeeooooowww...

#5 If I fits I sits!

chien carton

#6 Introducing the huskat! (husky + cat) 

husky chat

#7 Best view in the house

husky arbre à chat

#8 Don't you wish you looked this good too?

husky cuisine

#9 Must meditate, must meditate...

chien aquarium

#10 The squatter!

chien arbre à chat

Does your dog sometimes act like a cat? Tell us below!

Source: Bored Panda

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