A cat who escaped death by a width of a whisker can thank her saviour who arrived in the nick of time.

Now, she hasn't only found a new home, but a new family composed of four dogs and two ducks!

Meet Mia and her posse!

Mia et sa bande

Mia was only a tiny kitten when she was saved.

"She was rescued only an hour before she would have been beyond help. When I lay eyes on her for the first time, I knew that it was destiny. I knew that she wouldn't let me leave without her. It's as if she could predict the future." said Kasey Boggs, Mia's new pet parent.

Mia became the only cat in the house which is home to many rescued animals.

Mia shares a passion for adventure with the other animals in the house. She was brought up by dogs and now acts like her canine companions!

Mia et sa bande

"She loves car rides, long walks in her backpack and exploring and climbing trees. She also loves streams and rivers. When we're getting ready to go for a walk, she lies on her back as if to say "don't forget me!"" says Kasey.

Mia may be the only cat in the house, but she is the leader of the band of merry mutts and always takes care of her family, whether they be human, furry or feathered.

After having welcomed two new members to the family, Mia's pet parent declared "It was only when she met the ducklings that I understood to what point Mia is unique. Her ability to fraternise with other species and to ignore her her primeval instincts are captivating."

 Mia et sa bande

"She takes care of her family. I recently became pregnant and had morning sickness. Mia didn't miss a single trip to the bathroom with me. She was very concerned and compassionate, seeing me ill. Then, she came back to my room for cuddles to help me fall asleep easily."

"If one of the family is sad or is ill, she does'nt leave them. She's the most benevolent being I know. She keeps her brothers and sisters clean and prefers to drink from the same dish as them. We gave her her own but she prefers to be park of the pack."

Most felines are very independent but not Mia. She takes her role as leader very seriously. There is not a single moment that the family isn't all together in the same room, on the sofa or bed."

Mia et sa bande

Mia is very expressive. If she has something on her mind, she makes it clear. She talks and brings to attention what she wants to show. She's very intelligent and even replies when we call her name."

"Mia is never alone outside. From the moment that she hear's the word 'outside' she runs towards the door with her friends for their daily dose of adventure. When it's time to come in, she's always the first to return."

Three years ago, Mia had the chance to start a new life. Today, she is very grateful to her pet parents but also to her band of animal adventurers. "We have never met a cat like Mia. She has a special place in our heart." say her pet parents.

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What do you think of Mia? Have you ever seen a cat with a personality like hers?

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