Both kittens and adult cats need a good amount of physical activity and exercise to stay happy and healthy. In this article, we will go over a few reasons why it's important for cats to stay physically active.

For their overall well-being, cats of all ages need to play and partake in physical activity. This is especially the case for indoor cats who do not go outside. To keep them physically stimulated, provide you cat with toys that allow them to exercise and have fun. Encouraging your feline to exercise on a daily basis is necessary to keep your little one both physically and mentally healthy.

The benefits of physical activity

Physical activity allows your cat to release their pent-up energy. Giving your cat the opportunity to direct their energry towards play time will keep your cat happier. You will be able to notice their happiness through their behavior and by their overall health condition. Cats who are happier and active sleep better, which is important for a balanced lifestyle.

Physical activity is a natural stress reliever. For this reason, if a cat is not physically active, it is more likely to experience stress, which can lead to serious illnesses. To prevent this, you can buy toys, a scratching post, or a cat flap for your door if your cat is allowed to go outdoors. This will help your cat feel less anxious.

Fighting obesity

Cats who don't move or go outside on a regular basis are increasingly prone to obesity problems. In addition to this, these cats tend to be overfed by their owners. Too much food combined with a lack of activity can cause your cat to gain weight.

In order to burn calories and maintain a normal and stable weight, it's important to encourage your cat to exercise.

Physical health

In order to keep your little four-legged friend physically fit, you should try to set up two to three 15-minute play sessions with your cat per day. That's right, your cat needs to exercise every day! These daily play sessions will be very beneficial for your cat.

Mental Health

Playing daily keeps them curious about the world and increases their ability to concentrate. This allows their brain to age better.

In addition to being stimulated, they learn to control themselves, which is essential to their developement.

Moreover, sharing moments with your feline helps you to bond and build a strong and lasting relationship.

For all these reasons and more, it is essential to ensure that your cat is able to exercise and play. Not only will it improve their physical and mental health, but it will also prevent certain diseases due to overeating and the lack of physical activity. Spend time with your cat on a daily basis, play with them, and you'll see that you cat is better off and you will strengthen your bond.

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