This homeless man found his spirit animal in the form of a dog, and together they help each other to have a better life...

A difficult life

Though they don't share the same species, they share the same story. Dinker is a stray dog, which is not a strange sight on the famous streets of Los Angeles. Dogs are often hidden in the cities infamous streets, known for sales of all kinds...

Dinker and Sander, the homeless man, were in this way, a kind of neighbour to each other.

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John Hwang, a photographer in Los Angeles who was completing a report on life in the most famous part of town, remembered how Dinker came into Sander's life. "He didn't stop talking about his love for dogs, how special they are. I could talk for hours about how much he cared about Dinker," explained John.

A touch of destiny

A year ago, Sander had the right to move into a house in Skid Row, thanks to the government. Sander had his own room with a shared bathroom, which is better than living on the streets, but Sander was missing something in his life - a dog... homme sdf chien errant

Recently, Sander decided to find a dog to adopt. He found a dog that seems to suit him, and discovered that they were in fact the same!

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It is one thing to adopt a dog, but another thing entirely to be able to support one financially. For Sanders, the love was there, but not the financial means to take him on.

It was at this moment that Downtown Dog Rescue came to the rescue. This organisation offers help and products to pet owners in need. In this way, Sander and Dinker had all they needed to be reunited.

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"Dinker had a voucher to be able to go to see a veterinary, where they gave him a vaccination and an appointment to neuter him. He also received a bag filled with treats, toys, a harness - everything he needed.

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United for life

The good news is that thanks to this precious aid, Sander and Dinker can live together happily.

Sometimes, when life is hard for some, the wheel turns and life offers them a chance to give happiness to others - that's what happened with Sander and Dinker. Long life and happiness to them!

 homme sdf chien errant

Source : the dodo

Credit photos : John Hwang

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