It's good news that we're happy to share with you today. Last week, 46 dogs were saved from the hell of a meat farm in South Korea.

They were then taken to the USA to be cared for and then be adopted by loving families.

A small number compared to 2 million killed each year

Each year in South Korea, more than 2 million dogs are killed so that their meat can be consumed according to a very old Korean tradition.

This rescue is a success by the International Humane Society, who recently managed to get 46 of the dogs destined for the meat market onto a plane and American soil.

The pets arrived at John F. Kennedy airport and were placed in shelters. Because of the large number of arriving dogs, they were split up and placed in shelters in New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

sauvetage chiens

Terrible conditions

The farm where the dogs were holed up was in the Goyang region, a city found to the north of Seoul City. It resembled a prison, with no light and very little air.

These dogs were locked into small cages. They were waiting to die. In addition, they were not well fed and received no medical care..

According to the International Humane Society, 17,000 farms of this kind are still existing and profiting in South Korea.

However, there is not all bad news. The consumption of canine meat is dropping as the younger generations do not enjoy it as much as their elders. The mentality concerning animal abuse seems to be changing in South Korea, albeit very slowly.

The 46 rescued dogs will receive all the care necessary and then will be put up for adoption. We hope that each of them soon finds a loving home.

sauvetage chiens

What do you think of this rescue?

Crédit photos : Humane Society International

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