Thanks to the dedicated Cristina Garcia, Nemo was able to find a permanent home instead of being euthanized. The adorable cat had broken his front leg and because of this it had been difficult to find someone to adopt him.

The Poor Kitten

When the kitten was brought to Baldwin Park Animal Shelter in Los Angeles, his leg was badly broken. Employees assume that this was because of a bad landing after a high jump. Even though Nemo had a cast on his leg, he just wanted to play and was a very friendly cat. Unfortunately Cristina couldn’t adopt Nemo because she has two dogs and three cats at home already!


Finding A Forever Home

Cristina was given until 11 December 2015 to find a home for Nemo, and luckily she succeeded! It took a lot of effort but Cristina came up with a very good idea; she asked photographer John Hwang to take some photos of Nemo to raise awareness.

Her plan worked and Nemo was adopted just in time! Thanks to Cristina’s determination she was able to save this adorable kitten.

Source: Life with Cats

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    Moira M Cool so so lucky hope you are happy now in a loving forever home.