The month of January is over and it is time to announce the winners of the Yummypets Photo Competition.

With three different themes, 'My pet is a king', 'My pet celebrates the new year' and 'Hand and paw', you had the chance to show us your photographic talents. You were once again many in participating and the Yummypets team would love to thank you for giving us such lovely photos to look at!

Without any further ado, here are the results:

My pet is a king

January is the time for the traditional "Galette des rois". This was your chance to show us that your pet is the king of the house.

With a total of 232 votes, the winner of this theme is Jul. Well done, you've proven how kingly you are!

chat tire langue

The team's choice was Lewis and his look 'the modern monarch'. Well done Your Royal Highness!

chien westie couronne

My pet celebrates the new year

For the new year, your pets really went for it!

With a total of 160 votes, the winner of this theme is Angell, Luna & Lilly. Well done, Snazzy tie!

chat noir et blanc cravate

The team's choice went to Myrtille and hat. Congratulations!

chien teckel chapeau

Hand and paw

This theme was the occasion to show how much you and your pet love each other. Your photos were all superb and showed the magnitude of your attachment to each other.

With a total of 230 votes, the winner is Tigrou, Sam, Noisette, le chat & Co. Well done for this awesome high five!

chat roux tape main

The Yummypets team chose Havana for this theme. Congratulations on this photo which shows your relationship!

main patte

Thank you to everyone who once again shared their beautiful photos with us. It's always an immense pleasure to discover your entries. Congratulations to all of the winners. The latest themes are up - have you posted your entry yet?

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