A six year old goldfish named Romeo, was operated on for a malignant tumour and is now healthy and well! 

Vet Fees

This story is unbelievable but true; a French man decided he would have his goldfish operated on to save his life. For this operation he spent over 150 euro in vet fees.

Impossible Under Water

The operation proved to be very difficult as it was impossible to do it under water. Romeo had to be out of the water for a few minutes while being treated with a laser. The cyst was removed after about two to three sessions.

Another Operation

Unfortunately Romeo had to have another operation because the tumour was very aggressive and reappeared. The vet then decided to remove the dorsal fin, which will affect the balance of the fish in water.

Luckily, Romeo swims around normally today and he is very healthy! 

Source & Photo: 20minutes

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