Unfortunately animal abuse happens all over the world and as they don’t have a voice, they cannot always stand up for themselves. This is the case of a beautiful dog found wandering the streets of Milan, with a horrible piercing on his chest.

The Horrible Piercing

Taxi Dog, an animal rescue group from Italy, found this dog walking around with blood on his chest from the piercing. Someone had pierced the skin on the dog’s chest with a thick metal carabiner. Doing this to the poor dog would have caused him unnecessary pain and could of lead to infections, later leading to death.

Hope For The Abandoned Puppy

After finally gaining the poor dog’s trust, the Taxi Dog team were able to take him to a vet for a medical examination. At the hospital, the piercing was removed and the wound was cleaned. With the dog now healthy, he is looking for a loving home.

Let’s hope the beautiful dog can start over with a new family soon!

Source: The Dodo

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