For this cancer survivor recovering from bone cancer, his first wish was to adopt a dog that was slightly different from the others…

Quinn's leg had been amputated due to bone cancer

Quinn Scharn was 10 years old when he felt unusual pain in his knee. After having undergone several exams in a hospital, it was discovered that he had osteosarcoma, a bone cancer.

After several months, surgeons amputated his leg and thigh.

But the biggest surprise was that the first words out of Quinn's mouth after the operation were, "I would like to adopt a dog with three legs."



They finally found Logan

After this, Quinn and his family finally found a dog called Logan. He was in a shelter in Sacramento in Australia.

"We saw the video of Logan on the shelter's site, and the very next day I picked my son up early from school and we hit the road for Sacramento," said Teresa Howell, the mother of Quinn.

However, when they arrived at the shelter, Logan had already been reserved by another family…

"We went to see him in his enclosure and I was so emotional," added Teresa.

So she went back to the reception to ask in how much time the other family was coming to pick him up. One of the volunteers told her that the people were no longer interested.

Therefore, Quinn and Teresa were able to adopt Logan. He quickly became a loved part of the family.

"He has even learned to climb the stairs! Even though he doesn't know how to come down yet!"

The adoption of Logan by Quinn was the culminating point of two very long years of waiting.

quinn et logan

Quinn is officially a cancer survivor

After more than a year without treatment, it was necessary to verify that the cancer had indeed disappeared.

"There was a moment of doubt where we didn't know if we were going to be able to celebrate his recovery," said Teresa.

And finally, in January, Quinn finally received that much hoped-for news. The cancer had gone.

"It was an enormous battle. Knowing that my son was cured was the best news that I could receive. Seeing Quinn and Logan happy together, you can't imagine the joy it brought me," said Teresa.

quinn et logan

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