Holly shared her life for 13 years with Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II and the other dogs at Buckingham Palace.

Holly had a long life

Holly had been ill for some time, but the last few months of her life became harder and harder for her. The Corgi had to be transported to Scotland urgently to be treated but unfortunately this was in vain. Euthanasia was the only remaining solution for the Queen who could not bear to see her pet suffer for any longer. Holly was buried last week, but the ceremony was not mediatised as the Queen was too afflicted. The ceremony took place at Balmoral in Scotland.

Unfortunately, this was no the first time that Elisabeth II had lost a four-legged friend. Her dorgi (dachshund and corgi cross) Monty also passed away some years ago at the age of 13 years.

Queen Elisabeth II and her Corgis

Elisabeth II still owns three other dogs: Candy, Vulcan et Willow. The Queen has made it known that she would not adopt new dogs to replace those that had passed away because she worried that she would die before them.

Her first Corgi had been given to her for her 18th birthday in 1944. Since then, the Queen fell in love with this breed. She is devoted to her dogs and even has a kitchen especially put aside for them. Each meal is prepared with homeopathic herbs and the dogs are always fed in order from the oldest to the youngest.

Source : Daily Mail

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