The wellbeing of animals is a priority for us. Since 2012, we've built up a community of over 800,000 people, all united by the same passion.

FELIWAY® & Yummypets

We the very first day, we've met with major actors in the animal world. These last years, one of them has particularly held our attention: we are therefore very happy to present you with our new partner FELIWAY®.

Your confidence and loyalty increase our drive to give you the best. In order to thank you for your loyalty and because we aren't ourselves experts in animal health and behaviour, we wished to take a next step by creating a partnership with FELIWAY®.

Discover HappyCat

The HappyCat Corner

We've put up a page dedicated to cat owners, and the aim: help you enjoy your relationship with your cat.

To do so, the corner is made up of the HappyCat photo competition and an advice corner.

Photo competition

Our partnership with FELIWAY® has started with the HappyCat Corner which is available on Yummypets in English and French.

Participating is a piece of cake! All you need to do is post a photo of your cat to the HappyCat wall. The #HappyCat hashtag will be automatically added to your post and you are now a participant in the photo contest! For your participation to be taken into consideration, your Yummypets profile needs to be public.

The aim is to elect two cats each week (one English and one French) the happiest cats, and to reward them with a HappyCat Pack. This pack contains £100 of items for you and your cat to share so that you can share moments of happiness together!

The winners will be announced on Leo's profile as well as our social media every Monday for the preceeding week.

A paper book will be edited at the end of the competition with around 1000 photos of participants that will have been chosen by Yummypets and our partner.

30 answers from an expert in animal behaviour

An animal behaviour expert listed and answered 30 questions that cat owners often ask in order to help you understand your cat's language and to improve your relationship with them.

Your questions to the expert

You may find yourself with a question that isn't answered in the FAQ, but if so, the HappyCat corner allows you to ask your question to the FELIWAY® experts. Don't hesitate to ask your questions about your cat's health - you'll get an answer in just a few days.

Our partnership with FELIWAY® is only starting - we have so much more in store. We hope that you'll enjoy it!

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