Imagine an island holiday on an exotic beach, and with that comes beach walks, cocktails and of course snorkelling. While many would imagine swimming with sharks, fish and sea turtles, in the Bahamas you can swim with pigs too.

Big Major City

On the unoccupied island of Big Major City or nicknamed “Pig Beach”, there are about 20 pigs and piglets wandering around. They have become a major tourist attraction and have been called ‘adorable’. These pigs enjoy lying in the sun and when it gets too hot, they go for a swim. This is when you can join them and have a very special and unique experience. They are generally friendly and love being fed by everyone!


How did they get there? report that these pigs are not native to the island and it is unknown how they came to live there. It is said that they were dropped off there by a group of sailors, who wanted to come back later to cook them. Unfortunately there was a shipwreck and the pigs have lived happily ever after since.


Welcome to Pig Beach

There are a number of excursion dealers in the Bahamas, who you can book your trip to “Pig Beach” through. Joy Jibrilu, the Director General of The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism has said, “We’ve already introduced thousands of visitors to ‘Pig Beach’, and we look forward to welcoming thousands more in the years to come. These animals are now as much a Bahamian experience as any other that visitors may discover while visiting The Bahamas.”

Next time you want to book a holiday, consider the Bahamas, the ‘Official Home of the Swimming Pigs’! 

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