It all started with a simple idea: They wanted to find the best way to have our dogs happy...but in a very original way! Have you ever heard of dog beer? Or of chocolates for dogs?

Well, not only have you now heard of chocolate for dogs, you're now about to hear all about how you and your dog can get your paws on some!

Vivadogs sends out a special box each month with five premium items for your dog. It could be anything - toys, treats or kibbles - the only criteria is that it will make your dog go wild!

The guys over at Vivadogs are people an international team and are all dog lovers that constantly aim to discover and get the most innovative items from all over the world. In terms of quality, first things first: their snacks are composed of natural, healthy and light ingredients.

In case this wasn't enough, Vivadogs also supports dog rescue homes and shelters by donating 10% of their profit, so while your dog is happily chowing down on some delicious dog food, somewhere out there, a puppy who unfortunately hasn't had the best start in life can do the same.

Vivadogs plan on being able to spread their boxes of joy all over the world, so they've teamed up with Yummypets to reward a lucky dog! All you need to do to enter this paw-esome contest is:

1. Share this Facebook post

2. Like the Vivadogs Facebook page

3. Post a picture of your dog with the hashtag #vivadogs to your Yummypets page

You have until midday on Friday 10th February...

Good luck!

Vivadogs Dog

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