A couple of months ago, we told you all about Nutmeg, a very brave old cat. And only a month ago, he celebrated his 31st Christmas.

Not a record holder

Nutmeg had found his family 26 years ago, and he still lives with them - isn't that cute?

Nutmeg was a stray cat before having been adopted by his family, so therefore his birthday can't be verified. That is why the famous Guinness World Book of Records can't include Nutmeg in the category of cats who have lived the longest. Currently, Corduroy the cat from Oregon, USA holds the world record at 26 years of age.

When Nutmeg became ill, no one knew if he would make it... but we can happily announce that the courageous old cat survived, whiskers and all.

A family Christmas

Nutmeg therefore spend his 31st Christmas in the company of his loving family, and loved every minute of the Christmas magic.

"He's not just our cat - it's us who are his humans, and he always makes sure that we don't forget him. I'm sure that that is the secret of his longevity," explains Ian, Nutmeg's pet parent.

To find out more about Nutmeg, you can read this article.

Source : Love Meow

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