When a dog is very old or very sick, owners are faced with one of the most heart-wrenching decisions: Should they put their beloved pet to sleep or not?

Japan has created a solution for those who do not wish to put their dogs to sleep. Roken Honpo  a retirement home for dogs, takes care of elderly and sick dogs.

Care for all dogs

The facility currently houses 10 dogs, but has nurtured over hundreds of dogs in their final days. Roken Honpo facilitates dogs with a variety of illnesses, from bone and joint diseases to dementia.

Dog owner Akiko Hoshino told Reuters, "There are those who put down dogs, but I am totally against that, so I searched for a better solution." She placed her 17-year-old dog Shiba Inu in the facility when he could no longer walk.

Some dogs use wheelchair-like devices, while other are hand-fed or wear diapers. They are monitored by a veterinarian to ensure that the get the care they need.

Good for humans and canines

"Having people and animals interact in this way is good for both humans and animals," says head caregiver, Mie Kawaguchi.

You can place your dog in Roken Honpo for 70,000 yen ($614) per month (starting rate) - worth every penny for those who want to see their best friends get the best care.

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