You may have read the story about the terrible things that happened to Caitlyn the dog. But since then, she has gotten much better and has even become the star of her very own calendar shoot!

Caitlyn, the dog with a tragic past

The internet was shocked by the story of Caitlyn, who was found muzzled with sellotape. Since then, however, she has recovered from her terrible ordeal, her story even being voted as the best survival story of 2015.

And now, it's with great pleasure that we hear from Caitlyn again, and this time she is in much better company...

Things are looking up...

Caitlyn posed with some sexy firemen for a calendar. The money collected through sales will be given to the Charleston Animal Society, a shelter that helped Caitlyn enormously during her convalescence.

You can now buy Caitlyn's calendar for $20, or $25 if you would like it to be personalised. By buying the calendar, you are directly helping the animal cause. Don't hesitate to follow Caitlyn's news and all the backstage in for on the Facebook page.

We'll let you take a peek at a some of the calendar photos. They will definitely warm you up in these cold temperatures!

Caitlyn et les pompiers sexysCaitlyn et les pompiers sexysCaitlyn et les pompiers sexys

We're so happy to see that Caitlyn is doing so well. Here is the proof that victims of mistreatment can come out the other side and deserve a second chance.

Source : iheartdogs

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