A little dog died reportedly died from grief after being abandoned at an airport in Colombia. This heartbreaking story is a true reminder of the emotional capacity of our four-legged friends.

Left behind at the airport

The dog was initially seen wandering the terminal at Palonegro airport in Colombia, sniffing passersby curiously. Workers believe she was looking of her owner.

After some time however, she gave up and was seen cowering in the corner. Although travellers tried to give her food and water, she refused to eat. Finally, she was reported to animal services, but when they came to collect her, she was s weak she could barely stand.

She had reportedly been there for one month.

Looking for her owner

Despite the efforts of those around her to stabilise her condition with food and medicine via intravenous injections, her health didn’t improve. Sadly, her physical and mental state deteriorated and she died.

It is thought she must have been abandoned by someone travelling at the airport, the impact of which caused the little dog to suffer from severe depression.

According to the UK government website, British citizens “may get an unlimited fine or be sent to prison for up to 6 months if [they] don’t look after an animal properly. [They] may also be banned from owning animals in future.”

Photo credit: New York Post

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