Your dog is losing lots of fur. Your clothes, your couch, your vacuum cleaner and especially you can’t stand it anymore! Health and beauty of your dog’s fur depends on regular maintenance.

Your dog’s fur is made of hairs that can be very long and dense (especially in the northern breed types like the Siberian Husky, the Malamute, the Samoyed or in water-dogs like the Golden Retriever or the Newfoundland), depending on its breed.

Hair and skin have a vital role; they are like a mirror that reflects the well-being of your dog. The coat is composed of a part buried in the dermis (the follicle), which corresponds to the root of the hair, and a visible portion (the rod) consisting of a protein called keratin.

Your pet's fur says a lot about their wellbeing, so pamper it!

First, know that any alteration of your pet’s fur should be a warning sign. Whatever the breed of your dog, brushing should be daily to aerate the fur, remove dead hair or dirt and activate blood circulation. Take the opportunity to check that it has no traces of fleabites... If he does, you must treat him quickly. Remember that flea allergies is the number one allergy in dogs. Allergic dogs (infestation by fleas and ticks) lose more hair.

Most dogs molt or shed twice each year, in the spring and autumn, depending on the breed, environment and temperature.

That said, even outside of these two specific periods, the coat is renewed regularly. Thus do not forget to brush your dog to remove dust, dirt and dead hair accumulated in the fur. Moreover, brushing should be a way to bond and share time with your dog.

Take care not to wash too much

Bathing is another element of the maintenance of your dog’s fur, but also a health factor for you and your entourage, and mustn’t be overlooked. For information, the pH of dogs skin is very different from humans’ and contrary to what one might think, dogs’ skin is more fragile than ours. This is why we should not use human shampoo or even baby shampoo to wash them. (Learn how to make a natural and affordable home made dog shampoo here !)

Little tip: we advise you to accustom your puppy to baths, to get him use to water and be sure this is a an enjoyable time for them.

However, if you think your pet is losing their hair in abnormal quantities, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian. A digestive, parasitic, joint, or other problem could be the cause.

It could also be due to abnormal stress that would be very difficult to diagnose.

Finally, is it still necessary to remember that an unbalanced diet often causes abnormal hair fall.

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