If your house is equipped with any kind of tilting window, carefully read this for your pet's sake:

Maybe you have a tilt and slide windows or tilt and turn window, or maybe a hopper window. They are very convenient but they are not safe for our cats and can turn into a deadly trap!

fenetre oscillo battante

We know how cats are : nimble and able to fit everywhere. They are also very good at finding a way to go outside.

However, when you open up a tilt window, a cat can easily get stuck there!

Trying to get in or out, the cat will allow their front legs and head out but might get stuck on the V of the window. When stuck, your cat has no way to get out by themselves. The more they move, the more they get stuck. You have to react very quickly to get them out of there.

If no one rescues a cat stuck in a tilting window quickly, the cat will die.

chats coincés dans une fenêtre oscillo battante

When a cat is stuck on a tilting window, they can suffer from a lot of different dangerous injuries.

First, the cat's skin is pinched very strongly and might tear open. Moreover, vital organs such as heart and lungs are compressed : the blood cannot reach the brain anymore and the poor animal cannot breathe. Also, the spine can be broken and the cat will be paralyzed for ever. Pressure of the window can also provoke internal bleeding.

We need to protect our cats from these terrible pains!

If you have this kind of windows and own a cat, never open them if you are not around, or purchase a cat gateway. This little piece of wood invented by François Primel provides the cat with a secure gateway to go in and out whenever they want to. If your cat often goes say hello to your neighbors, make sure that they know about the danger of tilting windows.

Please share this article to all cat owners. We don't want to loose any cat because of a tilting window ever again!  

passerelle de sécurité pour chat François Primel

Photo credit : laprimel, stop-au-massacre-des-animaux, vitrier-paris

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    Joanne C Lost my cat coz of this today woke up an found her hanging I'm devastated. Will never leave my window open again an put my other 2 cats at risk