The latest Instagram star to draw a lot of attention is Bob, the adorable Golden Retriever and his different family members, including a hamster and 8 birds! He has over 77, 000 followers on the social media site and we are sure that number will just continue to grow!

The Growing Family

Bob’s owner, Luiz Higa Junior, from Brazil, has had Bob for a while and the beautiful dog is almost two years old now! The family has grown over time, from just Bob and 2 birds to the hamster, Bob and 8 birds today.

Luiz says: “Since the beginning I put them together to see their behaviour. It was nice, so I decided to have them play together sometimes during my free time.”


The Adorable Snaps

In the pictures Luiz posts to Instagram the family are always with each other. They are posing for the camera, taking naps, playing or simply just spending some time together. Although Bob is much bigger than his brothers and sisters, he is a gentle giant. He even allows the little hamster to climb up his muzzle! The animals love to share as well, from blankets to floor space to taking turns sitting on Bob!

Luiz is lucky to have such a special little family; we look forward to seeing more pictures from Bob and the other animals! Have a look at their Instagram page; @bob_goldenretriever.

Source: Peta Pixel

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