Jen.G thought she was just going for a normal drive, but she was in for a big surprise!

While driving through the Mohave Desert on a hot summer’s day, something caught her eye on the side of the road. She immediately stopped her car to see what it was, and discovered that it was a little kitten.


The kitten was passed out, but still panting. While checking to see if the kitten had any other injuries, another car stopped to assist. The driver ran to her car to get some water, and Jen.G applied some water to the kitten’s face and back.


A happy ending

After getting the kitten to sip a bit of water, Jen.G drove her straight to a vet where she was given kitten formula and food free of charge. Jen.G decided to name the kitten Monzie, and was very pleased to find that her other kitty, Princess Buttercup, was happy to have another cat in the house!

Today Monzie is healthy and happy, and her colours are darkening by the day. Isn’t she a beauty?!

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“I may have rescued her but she rescued me too. Everyday she brings joy and laughter to myself as well as my room mate and best friend Cindy,” says Jen.G.

Source : Lovemeow

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