A family from Mosul, Iraq, took their beloved cat with them on their journey to a safe home. Unfortunately they were separated when the boat came ashore, and the cat ran away in fear.

A campaign is created to locate his family

When this beautiful pure white cat ran away, the family searched for her for hours. The cat showed up at a local cafe 3 days later and stayed there for the next few weeks. Two volunteers, Michelle Nhin and Amy Shrodes, decided to take care of the cat. They took him to the vet and decided to start a campaign to reunite him with his family.

“We sent him to Berlin, Germany to a foster family where he waited while many of us continued to look. We knew that most of the refugees settled in and around Germany, which is why we decided it could be helpful that he remain there,” says Nhin.

Their hard work paid off, and on February 12, 2016 the family was located in Norway! They found out that his real name is Kunkush, and received confirmation in the form of photos as well as the family’s historical account.

chat blanc voyage avion

Lost and found

The family had a teary Skype reunion with Kunkush.  “Kunkush was looking behind the computer, trying to find the people to the voice. It was so adorable!” says Michelle.

famille de réfugié réunie avec son chat en Norvège

After 4 months, Kunkush is back safely with his family thanks to these kind-hearted volunteers.

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