Architect couple turns cardboard boxes into dream modular cabins for cats. You can already hear the flurry of feline reactions!

Cardboard boxes make dream modular cabins for cats

We all know how much cats love cardboard boxes. So much so that it unintentionally established Taiwanese business A Cat Thing.

Out of desperation to help their newly adopted but dying kitten, a Taiwanese architect couple turned to a cardboard box in an attempt to give her, and her little brother, something to enjoy. It turned their adoption story around!

The simple cardboard box became their kitten’s lifesaver. She began to eat again and found enough energy to begin enjoying her new space, much to the delight of her worried brother. Charged with a will to help, her pet parents continued growing the cardboard box space, adding extensions including a tower, playground, secret chamber and restroom.

The couple soon realised the fragility of their construction when it began to fall apart so went on the hunt for options that were durable, affordable, and that they liked the look of. They were unable to find a suitable alternative.

Realising a gap in the market for smart, affordable, modular cardboard box installations for cats, and coming from architectural backgrounds, the couple decided instead to design and build their own. Thus A Cat Thing was born!

The birth of A Cat Thing

The minimalist design and geometric shapes are aesthetically pleasing for any home, while the connections and assembly process make it user-friendly and robust to withstand playful cats.

There are several mounting options and four customisable spaces, including a bedroom, living room, balcony and ramp. These can be stacked together to create large exploratory spaces with entryways in various geometric shapes. From their perch, cats can observe their surroundings or venture indoors to explore the inner workings of their cardboard box castle.

Materials used are fully recyclable and non-toxic to cats. For the DIY challenged, assembly is made simple with no need for tools.

What do you think of A Cat Thing’s dream modular cabins for cats?

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Source: Bored Panda

Photo credits: A Cat Thing

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