Dali was just a little kitten when he was found with his brothers and sisters.

Dali, a special cat

It seems pretty obvious that what made Dali stand out from his siblings was his little white moustache. And bizarrely, his personality corresponds exactly to appearance!

Dali is a very chill cat...

dali, chat moustache

He likes to relax with his family and is always content - a real gentleman!

His moustache is magnificents, contrasting with his beautiful black fur.

Dali is elegant.

dali, chat moustache

He runs around the house as if he is in charge. When not sleeping, he supervises his humans and surveils them attentively.

Dali loves his pet parent and follows him everywhere around the house. And guess what - they have the same moustache!

dali, chat moustache

For more photos, go and look at Dali's Instagram account !

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